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I'm proud to announce that Seattle Pinball Museum bought "the Matrix" a pinball machine I airbrused for the owner. At menu projects you can see some of the airbrushes I did on this pinball machine

Tinkerbelle's Airbrushbooks

Welcome to my site, I'm a Dutch artist known as Tinkerbelle, I own and run an Airbrush and Special Paint Studio in the Netherlands. Besides creating my own work, I teach the art of airbrush technique in my own classroom. Recently I put years of experience and working with students into two very unique airbrush books.

dragon fly womanBook Airbrush From Scratch
This first book for airbush starters is a complete airbrush course. It handles everything you need to know about airbrushing from the start. If you never used an airbrush before, than this is the right way to get started. See the page Airbrush from scratch for more information and sample pages.

dragon fly womanBook Airbrush, Textures en Surfaces
This more advanced airbrush book is not only a follow up course for the first book but also a reference for the more experienced airbrush artists amongst you, there are tips and tricks in there you never thought of. See the page Airbrush, Textures and Surfaces for more information and sample pages.

Complete Course
There are plenty airbrush books out there but those two new books combined together are more like a very complete airbrush course for you to take at your home.

Fully Laminated with Ring Binder
Book ringsThe books have sturdy fully laminated easy removable sheets in a handy ring binder, when things get messy the pages are very easy to clean, if you need to make a copy of any page than that's no problem either. Though if you desire you can work only with the page you need.

Free Airbrush Lessons

For those who want to find out if airbrushing is something you like to do, check out my free on-line Cubic Tree Lesson, right now there are two lessons available but there will be more available when there are enough people using them, the first lesson will get you started right away.

Tinkerbelle is registered at the KVK Chamber of Commerce Dordrecht the Netherlands
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