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Airbrush, Textures and Surfaces

airbrushbook The book "Airbrush, Textures and Surfaces" complements the first book and will learn how to extend your airbrush skills in a more practical way, for instance how to create lively textures or how to prepare a surface so it is suitable to airbrush on. See some sample pages at the bottom of this page.

For the advanced airbrush artists this book will lift there airbrush craftsmanship quite a notch. Mind you if you are a novice, you really need to work your way through book "Airbrush from scratch" first.

You can order Airbrush, Textures and Surfaces book from the "Place Order menu" or click here.

Titel: "Airbush, Textures and Surfaces"
Publisher: Tinkerbelle Special Paint Studio
Chamber of Commerce KVK: 23078517 0000 Dordrecht
the Netherland
templates In the back of the book there are some pages with unpainted drawings from some of the lessons, just copy and enlarge the drawing you need, print and start airbrushing.
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laminated The book has a very practical ring binding system. The pages are fully laminated, though spilled coffee or paint is not a problem, just wipe it off.
remove pages You can easily remove any page from the book, though if you prefer you can use only the page you are working with at any given moment.
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