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loevesteinHi, my name is Renata van Andel, born in 1955 at the castle Slot Loevestein located in the Netherlands. I use the alias Tinkerbelle for my art work and also for my Airbrush and Special Paint Studio.

After many years of doing different jobs in advertising and art-painting I discovered the technique of airbrush. Those days not a lot of documentary on airbrush was available, of course I could find a lot of books containing examples, but every book seemed to have the same content, therefore not really helpful.

She's an addict

Then I got the opportunity to borrow a spray gun and a compressor for one week, so I did.
One time someone asked my brother:"What does your sister do?". His answer was: "She’s an addict; she uses a spray and needle and lots of different fluids every day." And he was right: after the first week I was unstoppable. I made one airbrush after the other.

first airbrushFirst Airbrush

This text in chrome on the left is the first airbrush I ever made. Of course soon I came across some technical problems.

Luckily the famous airbrush artist Bert Hagenbeuk was living in my hometown Dordrecht. He made airbrushes for a lot of companies all over the world, like Kodac and KLM. After many times of asking him to help me he was willing to give me 15 minutes of his time to answer some questions, well.... the 15 minutes became 3 hours. We discussed some airbrushes and the airbrush technique, and I was able to continue spraying after the many tips he gave me. Now and then Bert stopped by to see I was making progress, fortunately I did. What started out as a hobby became a profession, in no time orders came in abundently.


at the studioThrough the years a need of lessons in the airbrush technique arose.
Now I still teach this technique to fellow enthusiasts caught with the airbrush fever.

For many years now I make airbrushes as a form of art, also I spray on various kinds of surfaces, like ceramics (funeral urns), wood, glass and many more.
Furthermore I make watercolors, oil paintings and 3D creations.
It’s also possible to order stained-glass and Tiffany.


Assignments from companies and private individuals are always welcome, just contact me.
Of course a price quote is without obligation.

Renata van Andel (Tinkerbelle)


The Netherlands vs Holland confusion

If you are insterested, you'll find some confusing information about the Netherlands also called Holland :-)


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