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Project The Matrix Pinball Machine

Play Field
Play Field

This was an extensive but also exciting project, the customer was completely rebuilding a pinball machine and wanted to use the Matrix movie as a theme. Phew.... think of the green falling bits and bytes you see in the movie, that's a lot of frisk film.

Scroll down to view all images, at the bottom you'll find a Youtube movie where you can see the Matrix Pinball Machine in action there's also a link to build a paper model of the machine.

Backside Cabinet

Photo realistic

After some brainstorming with the customer we decided to go for photo realistic airbrushes, since the machine was delivered in pieces it could be done. The final airbrush has 40 layers of clear lacquer each perfectly sanded to get that beauty full shiny glow.

Phone booth
Phone booth

Matrix side panel
Left Side Panel

Johnny Mnemonic

For the Pinball insiders this particalar Pinball Machine uses a Johnny Mnemonic play field and cabinet. It was presented at the Dutch Pinball Open 2012


Paper Model

The makers are very proud of the final result and created a paper model for you to print and build.

paper model linkDownload the model from the site here  

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